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Here some of the companies we host in our space

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YouGov Italia


YouGov is a world-leading online market research company. Our mission is to supply a live stream of continuous and accurate data and insight into what people are thinking and doing all over the world, all of the time, so that companies, governments and institutions can better serve the people that sustain them.

YouGov is a community of 6 million panellists across 38 countries covering the UK, USA, Europe, the Nordics, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

And now YouGov has also a local office in Italy!


Leo - Born to dream.


Leo is a digital companion which helps us bring our dreams to life and wake up with energy and creativity.




We are C A N V A S,

we are an integrated design company. We work with a multidisciplinary approach, to achieve the best balance between aesthetics and technique. We create and innovate shops, joining the image of brands with the functional and economic needs of companies. We believe in a tailor made design and in the sustainable research of architecture. We design systems as an integral part of the harmony of design, maximizing the sensorial comfort of the spaces. We work with professionals and companies that share our passion, aesthetics and design culture.

We have achieved more than 900 works in Italy and around the world.




Deliveristo is the first digital Platform where Restaurateurs buy directly from Farmers and Producers.

Our mission? To revolutionize the Food & Beverage Industry by carefully shortening the B2B supply chain.




Conveeds is the acronym of CONVergent nEEDS!

Conveeds is a consultancy: it proposes the innovative concept of Consulting as a Service to small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a business model in which, step by step, are identified the best resources in the market that are able to support the management when there is a lack of knowledge.




FINPLY srl is a young company specialized in generating finance for businesses through Advanced Business Consulting.

It was developed by a group of professionals, experts in the optimization of business processes, costs and resources and in the enhancement of financial impacts on business areas such as taxation, energy, supply chain and industrial processes.


GoodMorning Studio


GoodMorning studio is an Italian design consultancy that operates mainly in the fields of product and interior design.

GoodMorning studio interprets space by transforming environments into places that are able to excite offering site-specific solutions and a tailored approach for customers he works with.

GoodMorning studio combines traditional creative practices with the strong support and experience of the artisans from the initial idea to its final materialization.

GoodMorning studio was born in 2017 in Milan. It was founded by designers Cristina de Martino and Luca Gadaleta who share a love for design in all its forms.


CE Mauro Cellana


From years, he is active in the field of exhibitions, using multiple languages and tools concerning interiors, details and materials, technologies, graphics and multimedia.

All his showcases concern communication in its widest sense: events, conferences, retail; museums, shows, storefronts, places for the exchange and meeting, shops, performing art spaces, streets and public squares.


Actiss Italia


Actiss’ mission is to create value through the evolution of companies. They deal with M&A, Venture Development, Business Development and Internationalization. Their uniqueness is to generate an operational solution to strategic problems, thanks to the temporary management’s method.




WYDE is a school in which organizations and individuals can expand their gaze, develop skills and acquire fundamental tools to grow and take action. It offers a product that is the perfect balance of a set of skills, knowledge and vision of the future.


AvvocatoFlash Ltd


AvvocatoFlash connects people with legal problems to specialized lawyers.

AvvocatoFlash allows you to have the opinion of three lawyers about your legal problems and later having a quotation.

AvvocatoFlash makes it easier to find the right lawyer to suit everyone’s needs.




Arthewall is an online platform that allows users to buy artworks and collections, choosing from a curated selection of artists.

Selects and promotes the best international emerging artists brimming with talent and creativity.

Arthewall provides a personalized interior decoration service to come across your budget, tastes and your space requirements.




Capolavoro Srl. is aimed at importing, exporting, promoting and distributing high quality and culturally representative products in the countries where we operate. We are currently based out of Milan, Italy and want to become the leaders in global agro-industrial partnerships, promoting cross-cultural relationships and stimulating innovation through effective trade routes and digital efforts.

Think global, act local with www.meetcapolavoro.com


WellD Italia


WellD is a Swiss software house, with Executive branches in Lugano, Genova and Milan. We develop Enterprise web application, with a special attention to Open Source and Mobile features.

Our best competencies include:

  • Software costum development;
  • Technical consultancy;
  • Training and education.

OMLB Groupe


OMLB Studios was founded in 1994 in Béziers, through the partnership of two architects / town-planners whose ambition was to create a single structure with all the necessary skills for global project management.

The members of OMLB are passionate about their profession and share a collective way of working. In the interests of the final project, they have succeeded in surrounding themselves with the best specialists, opening their teams up to external expertise: engineering, landscaping, scenography, lighting, acoustics…. The teams are always led by experienced project managers trained to react to complex and demanding programs. Their commitment to designing projects that respond to the challenges of eco-friendly and sustainable development has been amply demonstrated. The agency focuses its attention on the quality and durability of its architecture, and in its developments favours a preventive approach to environmental and energy challenges.

Present across the south of France, OMLB accompanies its clients and contracting authorities in their real estate developments (Perpignan, Narbonne, Béziers, St Pons, La Salvetat, Montpellier, Lyon, Megève, Nîmes, Arles, Uzès, Aix en Provence, Milan…).




We deal with consulting, action-research and project planning.

Our generating idea is to work with organizations (profit, no profit and public administrations) and people working inside them, walking together and looking for new paths to grow.




ODYS Srl is a company specialized in developing mathematical models, algorithms and software for the design of control systems based on numerical optimization and model predictive control (MPC). We provide consulting services and software tools for a variety of application domains, including automotive, aerospace, smart grids and advanced process control, with an emphasis on problems that relate to resources efficiency and require efficient real-time operations.




Ubeeqo is the innovative Mobility App specialized in station-based car sharing, both for business and consumer users. There are more than 150 Ubeeqo cars in Milan that can be booked starting from 1 hour to several days. Ubeeqo offers to companies customized mobility solutions to reduce costs and have a positive impact on the environment.







Kokeshi is a consultancy firm in the Human Resource and Communication fields, which brings together experiences, creativity and colour.
We work with professionals of different ages, mixing various job and life experiences.

How? With method and colour… find out more on www.kokeshi.mi.it or follow us on twitter @colouredHR




ASSET ltd. is a company made up of professionals who, for over fifteen years, have been offering managerial and strategic consultancy to businesses and public administration services in three main sectors:

  • European funding and projects
  • Energy efficiency
  • Integrated strategic communication

The European Funding division, in particular, provides technical assistance to businesses, non-profit associations and local authorities that intend to run their own development projects by placing favourable and/or non-repayable financial instruments at the disposal of regional, state and EU entities.
Thanks to the our highly-specialized internal resources and to the network of professionals at our disposal, Asset is able to take clients through every step of the planning process:

  • the monitoring of funding opportunities
  • the checking of the project’s pre-feasibility and of the funding request
  • the investigation of prospective Italian or international partners
  • the presentation of the funding application
  • the management of all the administrative aspects connected to the expenditure reports or the suppliers.

Roberto Zanoletti



DLM Psicologi del Lavoro Associati


We are business psychologists; our Mission is to make people make the difference as a way to contribute to the success of our clients. We are a BCorp: to us, the success of a business is measured by its capacity to generate value for all its stakeholders.




Nativa fosters a new economic paradigm by blending Evolution Principles into the DNA of existing businesses, to help them innovate towards future-proof models, and by creating new startups, products, and services which are regenerative by design.




Wordbridge is a company that offers high-quality language services including: specialized translations and conference interpreting, study trips abroad for both children and adult professionals, and the organization of language courses all over Italy.




Goldmoney’s mission is to provide secure and accessible gold-based savings to everyone, while also making gold useful for everyday payments.

Goldmoney helps people around the world build and protect their savings, transfer value instantly, and empower their business with the tools they need to succeed.

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